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"So, Doc, before I joined your program, I tried everything to lose weight, and nothing worked. Then I started on The HOPE Protocol, and you had me eat for my hormones; I started to lose weight like crazy, but you had me stop all strenuous exercise. Please explain why exercise is not allowed on The HOPE Protocol?”

Of course!

If you noticed, I didn’t say any exercise. I said strenuous exercise.


"A 22-year-old Virginia woman summoned some superhero strength to lift a BMW off her father, who became pinned under the car while trying to fix a blown tire on it. Lauren Kornacki, a recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington, said she went outside to ask to borrow the car on Saturday. "I didn't hear my dad, so I went back inside and asked my mom where he was," Kornacki said. When she went outside to look again for her father, Alec Kornacki, 52, she found him stuck under the BMW. "I guess the way he was moving the car with his wrench, the jack slipped and it fell on top of him," Kornacki said. "He was unconscious and his arm was caught over his chest." Kornacki, who played basketball for three years and works as a pool manager, tried to rescue her father. She may have been running on pure adrenaline. "I just literally lifted up the car. It was like a table with a short leg. It kind of balanced it back out and shifted enough to free my dad," Kornacki said, adding that she didn't consider the feat to be "Hulk-like." Once Alec Kornacki was freed from beneath the car, Lauren began doing chest compressions. "I didn't even get through a full set before he started breathing again," she said. The elder Kornacki was taken to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, where he is being treated for five fractured ribs, a fractured sternum and vertebrae."


Most of us have heard a similar story several times throughout our lives. When this young woman saw her father pinned and unconscious, her body went into the fight-or-flight state.

“The fight-or-flight response, or stress response, is triggered by a release of hormones either prompting us to stay and fight or run away and flee.”

The Cleveland Clinic

“When the body is stressed, it shifts its energy resources toward fighting off a life threat or fleeing from an enemy. The SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) signals the adrenal glands to release hormones called adrenalin (epinephrine) and cortisol.”

The American Psychological Association

“Adrenaline makes the heart beat faster, causes blood pressure to go up and gives you more energy.”

Mayo Clinic

“Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, increases sugar, also called glucose, in the bloodstream, enhances the brain's use of glucose and increases the availability of substances in the body that repair tissues.”

Mayo Clinic

So, in a nutshell, when you are stressed, adrenaline and cortisol are released. Adrenaline gives you the energy boost you’ll need to fight or flee, and cortisol increases blood sugar, supplying your muscles with the fuel to have the extra energy needed to fight or flee.

When blood sugar increases, what hormone has to be released to open the entrance doors to your muscle cells so that glucose, the fuel for the cells, can enter them?


So, insulin opens the doors to your cells, allowing blood glucose to flow easily into them, supplying them with the fuel they need when stressed.

So, what happens to the glucose if you don’t fight or flee?

It gets converted into fat by the cell’s enzymes and is moved to your fat pantries, especially your belly fat pantry.

"I define stress hormonally. If cortisol elevates, you are stressed."

Cortisol elevates when stressed, be it from mental, social, or physical stress.

If the body is stressed and the cells do not use the glucose because you don't need to lift a car off your loved one, it will be converted to fat and stored in your fat pantries, especially your belly fat pantry.

So, what does that have to do with strenuous exercise?

“...moderate to high intensity exercise provokes increases in circulating cortisol levels.”

National Institute of Health

“Strenuous exercise raises cortisol, which raises blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar causes insulin to be released. Elevated insulin causes us to store fat.”

Doc Mac

The Meso-Menu is designed to bottom out insulin and top out glucagon to switch you from being in a fat-storing state to a fat-releasing state.

Strenuous exercise nullifies the Meso-Menu’s purpose by elevating insulin and lowering glucagon. Whenever insulin elevates, glucagon production is suppressed.

“While consuming the Meso-Menu, and if you wish to optimize your weight, avoid strenuous exercise.”

Doc Mac

So what is strenuous exercise?

Any exercise that physically stresses your body to the point that cortisol and insulin elevate. Some exercises can be mentally and socially stressful. Think of competing in front of an audience. STRESSFUL!

What exercises are allowed on The HOPE Protocol?

Any leisurely exercise.

Leisure exercise includes walking your dog and smelling the roses, lying on the floor and stretching leisurely, and swimming in a relaxed manner.

Any exercise that makes you sweat or uses your muscles more than at a leisurely pace, such as weight lifting, is a strenuous activity.

This isn’t just about avoiding strenuous exercise you may do at a gym. You wouldn’t believe how many of my clients cause a weight loss stall because they helped someone move or did some strenuous house or yard work.

The first exercise you will learn is what I call Mac Yoga.

"Remember that once you're paused, your ovaries no longer make fat-burning hormones. You can't burn fat without fat-burning hormones."

That's why exercise is a lousy weight loss tool once you're paused.

I will introduce Mac Yoga, a nonstrenuous exercise, in the next Exercise e-course.

And remember,


"We are nothing more than reflections of our hormones."


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