Menopause, Popcorn and Estrogen Dominance



“Doc, my P/E Ratio was 22. You told me that I was severely estrogen-dominant. Can you please explain to me what that means?”

Great question!


Recall that I define menopause differently. The dictionary claims that menopause is not having a period for twelve months. As I hope you know, I think that’s a terrible definition. Why isn’t it three months or even eighteen months?

Menopause and its possible adverse symptoms begin when ovulation ceases.

Your hormones govern the typical 28-day cycle before menopause. In the first fourteen days of a typical cycle, estradiol, the most potent estrogen, increases until it hits a level that cues you to ovulate.

When you ovulate, it's like a volcanic eruption; the egg is propelled into the fallopian tube, and two hormones, progesterone and testosterone, flow like lava from where the egg was released.

Progesterone prepares the uterus for conception by making the intrauterine walls thicker and sticky so the fertilized egg can attach to it and receive nutrition.

Testosterone, well, women were set up there. Testosterone increases sex drives and decreases inhibitions, kind of like tequila. The one time a month a woman has an egg floating around to be fertilized is the one time a month a woman gets a shot of testosterone. It’s called perpetuation of the species.


When you stop ovulating, your ovaries no longer release progesterone and testosterone.

Your ovaries are still making estradiol, but not enough to cause ovulation. You lose nearly all ovarian production of progesterone and testosterone.

“Estrogen Dominance is the chasm that develops between progesterone and estradiol in a woman and testosterone and estradiol in a man.”

There is a simple, inexpensive lab test kit that you can purchase online that will tell you if you are estrogen-dominant and how severely estrogen-dominant you are; all you have to do is spit in a test tube and send it off.

Progesterone Estradiol Ratio Test Kit

“Doc, Thank you for reminding me how menopause causes a woman to be estrogen-dominant. But you said in an earlier course that it was a travesty, especially in America, that we allow the estrogenation of our population. You said that most countries ban the estrogenization of their populations. You’ve explained about phytoestrogens in our foods and xenoestrogens in our personal care products, which can add to our estrogen dominance. Are there any other estrogenic products we need to keep an eye out for?”


“Estrogens, they are everywhere, and it’s making us sick, fat, and mentally ill. When we are in our 'Third Act' of life, we must do our best to avoid phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens, but there is another estrogen we must learn about and avoid, which is mycoestrogens.”
“Mycoestrogens are a fungus that primarily grows on grains, but there is one we must do our best to avoid.”

Estrogen dominance is the primary condition that makes menopause and andropause a suppressor of our quality of life during our third act.

Recall estrogen dominance is one of the primary causes of chronic diseases like...

  • Cancer,
  • Diabetes,
  • Heart Disease,
  • Strokes,
  • Alzheimer’s,
  • etc.

These are the diseases that will most likely be the cause of our deaths.

Another environmental estrogen, in addition to phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens, that is contributing to estrogen dominance and the estrogenization of our nation is mycoestrogens, fungi that act like estrogen.

We are primarily exposed to mycoestrogens through our consumption of grains. But grains are not the only food product at fault. Mycoestrogens are also found in:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Dairy

The good news is that, unlike the slew of different phytoestrogens in our food and xenoestrogens found in our environment, only one mycoestrogen should concern us. It is called zearalenone, or ZEA for short. Unfortunately, ZEA is commonly found in many of our foods.

What bothers me is that most of you have never heard of Zea. As a population, women and men in their Third acts of life are the ones that ZEA will cause the most harm to.

“Zea plays havoc with our hormones.”

Numerous countries have legally limited the amount of ZEA in our food.

  • Russia has had restrictions on ZEA since 2001.
  • Europe has set harsh limits on ZEA contamination.
  • Sixteen countries have limitations on ZEA contamination.

I should have placed exclamation marks above.

  • America has no limits on ZEA!

Zea is another reason Americans are sick, overweight, and becoming infertile.

What makes me sick to my stomach (pun intended) is that America allows the food industry to use a product made from zea called zeranol.

“Zeranol is a highly estrogenic compound extracted from ZEA.”

Zeranol is placed directly onto livestock feedstuff. They do this to enhance meat production.

Oh, and by the way, The European Union and numerous other countries banned Zeronal.

I love my country, but come on, enough already!

Zea contaminates the world's cereals and grains, especially corn and soy.

That’s strike three for soy.

Oh, let's combine gluten, soy, and mycoestrogens. What a great idea!


Scientists have found that ZEA causes liver tumors, brain dysfunctions and impairs the male reproductive system.

Has anybody besides me noticed that many American women are having a challenging time becoming pregnant?

ZEA is toxic, toxic, toxic!

Do you think that you’ve gotten through life without ZEA contamination?

Read this quote from

—Elisa V. Bandera, et al., Published in Science of The Total Environment Volume 409, Issue 24, 15 November 2011,

“We found that mycoestrogens were detectable in urine in 78.5% of the girls and that urinary levels were predominantly associated with beef and popcorn intake. Furthermore, girls with detectable urinary ZEA mycoestrogen levels tended to be shorter and less likely to have reached the onset of breast development.”


So it gets worse.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Website has tagged these mycoestrogens as breast cancer producers.

“Zearalenone and zeranol mimic the natural estrogen estradiol. Both compounds can stimulate the growth and proliferation of human breast tumor cells in vitro at potencies, similar to the effects of estradiol.”

In 1989, The European Union banned the importation of American beef because of these mycoestrogens.

Young girls are affected the most severely by these mycoestrogens, and popcorn eaters have the highest ZEA levels in their urine.

So what can you do?

● Consume hormone-free, grass-fed, organically-fed meat products.

● Wear protective gloves and clothing when handling animal feed and hay.

● Limit the intake of grains, especially popcorn, that contain heavy doses of mycoestrogens.


ZEA, a mycoestrogen, is a living organism that is adding to the estrogenization of America.

It is mainly found in grains, so be careful when you purchase and consume grains. Popcorn seems to be the primary carrier of these fungi.

And remember,


"We are nothing more than reflections of our hormones."


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