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The Pause - Have Your Cake and Ice Cream Too...

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“Doc, what I love about your program is that we can have days where I eat whatever we want. Are there rules associated with these days, and if so, what are they?”


Life is supposed to be celebrated.

I remember growing up and watching historic movies. The king had just won a battle or war, and they would have all the dignitaries in the castle for a feast. They would bring a cooked boar with an apple in its mouth on a large platter.

I encourage you and everyone to celebrate life marks like birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations of life.

I also encourage you to feast when you win. It might be attaining your goal weight, the birth of a new grandchild, retirement, or a God-given feast.

I recently had another birthday. I’m so close to 70 years old that I am in a backward lean initiating the slide into this lifemark.

I feast on most birthdays. This is how I decide what to eat for my birthday feast meal.

I close my mind to all outside distractions and ask myself, What would it be if you could have any meal I want for my birthday?

Before I answer, let me tell you a story. In college, I lived in a roach-infested apartment in Los Angeles. I had enough money to purchase a six-pack of Budweiser to celebrate me being of legal age. I didn’t have enough money to drive to a liquor store, so I walked.

Sitting alone drinking a beer to celebrate my twenty-first birthday, I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door, and a classmate named Michael Johnson stood there. He was one of the “rich” kids in my class. He sang Happy Birthday and pulled out a bottle of champagne. After I washed a couple of jars, we drank it. I had never had champagne, let alone any liquor that cost more than a beer.

He then took me to a restaurant in downtown Glendale. I looked at the menu and was horrified by the prices. He told me that the lobster thermador was excellent. He looked at me and could tell I had no idea what lobster thermador was. He then asked me if I had ever had lobster before. I told him I hadn’t. He ordered me the lobster thermador.

It was the most incredible meal I had ever had.

After dinner, he took me to The Whiskey a Go Go on Sunset Blvd. We stood at the front of the stage and watched a band called The Babys. The lead singer, John Waite, was terrific. You might remember one of his songs - “Missing You.” He ordered another bottle of champagne, and we drank it standing in the front row.

My classmate was from Miami. I believe his dad owned a window cleaning service for skyscrapers. His wife was named Rosy. I mentioned all this because I wanted to let him know how incredibly special this was to me, but I’ve never had the chance, and no one seems to know what happened to him. If you know him, please pass along any information so I can contact him and tell him how memorable this birthday was to me.

Let’s get back to my original question. What would I eat if I could have a meal to celebrate my birthday, no matter the expense?

Whatever your answer is, that’s your feast meal.

Rule One

“A feast meal is a celebratory, memorable meal.”


As I have written repeatedly, I have practiced life and health optimization for over forty-four years. I have learned a thing or two about success.

“Success is scheduled.”

We get lucky, but luck is manifested most of the time.

We must sow to reap.

People who have succeeded in the four strands of life:

  • Me
  • Us
  • Them
  • Him

Planned it.

  • They planned their food to achieve their ideal weight.
  • They planned their marriage to achieve the ideal relationship.
  • They planned their career to achieve their ideal profession.
  • They planned their spirituality to have an ideal relationship with God.

We get into trouble when trying to achieve anything randomly.

  • Random eating or drinking is how disasters happen to our lives and health.
  • Random relationships, I’m not even going to go there.
  • Random careers are less likely to be fulfilling.
  • Random spirituality does happen, but it is because we did the above things randomly.

Rule Two

“Feast meals are scheduled.”


The psychology of deprivation is one of the derailers of life and one of the keys to most failures. Humans are not wired to deprive themselves of anything. We are wired to go after what we want.

What happens to your psychology when someone tells you, You can’t have that!

Our self-discipline weakens when we try to lose weight and deprive ourselves of our favorite foods, like hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream.

When our self-discipline weakens, and we’re driving down the road and become hungry, we pull over and randomly eat a hamburger, pizza, or ice cream.

Our decision to do so is so subconscious that we don’t even realize we are ordering hamburgers and pizzas until our bloat makes us feel ill, and then we go, What the heck did I just do?

“When we know we can schedule a day to feast, have a hamburger or pizza, and we have scheduled that day, our self-discipline is strengthened.”

Knowing that you can schedule celebratory feast meals is essential for your psychology. If you start “woe is me-ing” yourself as you journey to your ideal/bottom/healthy/ideal weight, your self-discipline will weaken, and you are more likely to binge on hamburgers, fries, and shakes randomly.

I am not excluding a hamburger, fries, and milkshake meal. If you wish to have a memorable hamburger as your feast meal, schedule it.

The same goes for pizza and beer. I am reminded that when my two oldest children, who live in Florida, visit California, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more wanted by them than an In and Out Burger.

When you start “woe-ing,” you’ll fall off the horse and walk back to the stables.

You’ll self-talk yourself with, “I knew I couldn’t do this,” “I knew that guy didn’t know what he was talking about,” or “I always fail at dieting.”

When you know you can schedule a meal in the future when you can have your cake and ice cream, too, you don’t feel as if you are depriving yourself.

"Scheduled celebratory feast meals lessen the feeling that you are depriving yourself and strengthen self-discipline."


  • The one diet that I know is unsustainable is a deprivation diet.
  • Life is meant to be celebrated.
  • To strengthen self-discipline, schedule feast meals around these celebrations.

And remember,


"We are nothing more than reflections of our hormones."


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This past weekend was a beautiful sunny day, and Vicky and I decided to drive to a winery we have a membership with to pick up our shipment. They had a gourmet food truck there; they have a different one there every weekend. Since this was not a celebratory scheduled feast meal, we stuck with a meso meal. To be transparent, we did have a wine-tasting flight because it's free for members. It is all about progress, not perfection.

🍷 Doc

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