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What To Eat While Traveling (To Be Pause Awesome)

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“Doc, every time I travel, I gain weight. Are there any tips you can share on how to stay in my weight loss groove while traveling?”


When you usually eat out on the road or even in your hometown, the servings will be American in size and enormous.

An American restaurant plate usually contains two Meso Menu meals.

“Meso meals consist of two thumbs of fat, a palm-sized serving of clean animal protein, and a large handful of veggies.”

Restaurant Hack

"Ask for a to-go box at the beginning of your meal and place everything that doesn’t conform to a meso meal into the to-go box."

Essentially, you are leaving only one meso meal on your plate and then taking the remainder of the meal to be eaten later, or if it is an insulin-spiking non-compliant food, give it away or, better yet, throw it away.


As you know, Vicky and I retired several years ago. We often travel back and forth across the country in our small, fancy RV, which we are on the road for weeks at a time. While driving, when we become hungry, we learn to look for a beautiful location to pull over and have a picnic.

Vicky will make a meal as we look out over a field of wildflowers, an ocean with crashing waves, or a beautiful, serene mountain lake.

You can do the same. Prepare a lunch box, picnic basket, or cooler, and prepare a picnic. Picnicking will cause your hormones to shift for the better.

Think about it. What happens to your stress and its associated hormone, cortisol, when you eat sitting on a log overlooking a lake with a calming breeze and birds chirping compared to a cafeteria, restaurant, or hotel room with the din of talk?

You can pull over and smell the roses or listen to the waves as you eat.

This is the best way to eat a meal, unhurried and relaxed.


Sometimes, we have to eat at a restaurant because we don’t like to eat in our RV on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Sometimes, we are in a hurry to get to our next location before dark. When we do eat at restaurants, we split the meal. It saves money, but as I said above, most restaurants serve two meso-meals on the restaurant plate.

We do this at most restaurants, even when we are not traveling.


While losing weight eating Meso-Meals, you’ll want to put as much protein as possible into your muscles and avoid spiking insulin as much as possible. If you can’t make a meal, my go-to hunger-queller snack is a grass-fed beef stick.

I know! It’s processed meat, and I am not a fan of processed meats, but these are much cleaner and work well while building the bridge from your
Be-weight to Your Have-weight.

“Your Be is where you are, and your Have is where you want to go.”

When driving, flying, or sitting around watching a documentary about a place I might want to travel to, grass-fed beef sticks are my go-to hunger-quenching snack.

There are several brands I order and eat. Below are Amazon links to three of my favorites. I usually pick which one is ever on sale.




Chomps can now be found at my local Costco and at a great price.


When I fly across the country, I always bring two meal replacements.

"These are nutritious and considered superfoods but they are not weight-loss foods,"

I call them meal replacements because a palm-sized serving has as many calories as a meso meal.

My favorite travel meal replacements when I don’t or can't stop are seeds and nuts.


My favorite seeds are raw, hulled, unsalted, organic sunflower seeds.

Sunflower Seeds

A close second is raw, shelled, organic pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds are caloric-dense, so only eat what you can place in your palm.


The healthiest nuts to eat while traveling are raw, hulled, unsalted organic almonds. Nuts are also caloric-dense, so only eat what you can hold. A palm-sized serving of almonds has about 200 calories.


To be transparent, I prefer roasted, and my wife will only eat raw, so I always have to purchase a bag of each.

Roasted Almonds

A close second is raw, shelled, organic pecans.


When it comes to nuts, avoid cashews and pistachios. They are weight gainers due to the amount of carbs they have and their addictiveness.

Many of us have nut addictions, especially to cashews and pistachios. I have one with cashews. I used to go to my local Sprouts, which always has organic nuts in big barrels. I used to purchase a pound, but I found I would have them all eaten by the time I got home. I've learned to purchase only a quarter of a pound of cashews at a time because I have no discipline associated with cashews.

"A pound of cashews has 2500 calories, a two day's worth of nutrition."

You can see why I call seeds and nuts meal replacements. They are not snacks.


I can’t believe I have added these. These snacks are not recommended but might work while traveling. I know we are human, and sometimes we need better options when we fail.

"These options will be better than cookies, potato chips, and crackers."

So, I am on a long road trip, and I become hungry. There is only one gas station for the next 200 miles. I stop at it to purchase something to get me by. I don’t have any grass-fed beef sticks. Shame on me!

I am eating Meso meals to lose my pause weight, so I look for protein. The jerky they sell is filled with toxic chemicals and suspicious flavorings.

To lose weight, I must choose a snack that does not spike my blood sugar or cause an inflammatory response. What should I choose?


Some brands of pork rinds work for weight loss. But they may cause an inflammatory response. Check the ingredients, choose baked rinds, and avoid those with MSG. The salt content is usually lower than you may think.


"When eating Mexican food, use pork rinds instead of corn tortilla chips. I have visited California restaurants that have already made the switch."

Some pork rinds are better than others. Of course, the most popular pork rinds are usually graded "the worst" on the EWG website compared to less popular pork rinds.

A brand that I use that is graded a five on the EWG is called Epic. For example, 4505, a trendy supermarket brand, is graded an 8, a not-good-for-you grade. 10 is the worst grade for food on the EWG website. I have placed an Amazon link for Epic Pork Rinds below.

Again, don't eat too many. Just enough to quell your hunger.

Pork Rinds


If you tested dairy while on your meso meal plan and it passed, cheese sticks can be a weight loss food option. Here is a link to Amazon’s highest-rated cheese sticks. The glycemic load of cheese sticks is zero. The problem is that many people are sensitive to dairy. If cheese sticks cause an inflammatory response, you may stall and gain weight after eating one.

String Cheese


Again, cheese crisps may work for you if you tested dairy while eating the meso-menu and are not sensitive to it. I want to be transparent: I love this option at the movie theatre when everyone else is eating popcorn with toxic fake butter poured over the top, and I want something crispy and crunchy to feel included. I like both the cheddar cheese and parmesan options.

Cheese Crisps

With all this said, real God-made food, which humans haven't changed, is the best option.


When hungry, let's say, at the four o'clock thyroid drop, APPLES are the best snack to get you to your final meal. 🍎 ​

You ask, APPLES? You would think that apples would raise blood sugar.

"Apples have a lower glycemic load than broccoli."

Apples have a glycemic load of 5 and brocolli has a glycemic load of 15.


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This weekend, we got to spend time with grandchild number six. His name is Nico. We took him to a children's fun room and had a blast.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

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