Menopause and Weight Optimization



Menopause and Weight Optimization

Incremental Goals

You look into the mirror while in your underwear. You can’t believe what has happened to your lovely younger body. Your breasts and hips have gotten larger, but the belly, oh my, the belly!

You decide that today is the day to weigh yourself. You climb onto the scale and hold onto the wall to lighten the load. You let your weight slowly settle, and the numbers roll upwards and upwards.

The numbers stop, and you are aghast.

You immediately run for your robe. You cover yourself, and you want to cry. You say, “I don’t even eat that much. I haven't touched bread in a month of Sundays. What’s going on?”

You hang your head, feeling emotionally defeated.

You’ve been here so many times. You know you need to lose 20/40/60 pounds, at least.

20/40/60 pounds seems so daunting.

You walk away from the scale, shake your head, and tell yourself that today is the day you’ll start that new diet everyone is talking about, or maybe you’ll order some Ozempic®. That’s what Alice did. How much is it? $1000 a month! But Alice lost a lot of weight.


Oh, shoot, I better get downstairs and say goodbye to Ted.

You run downstairs and kiss Ted goodbye before he goes to work.

Three months go by.

You’re standing in front of the mirror, stepping on the scale, and grabbing your robe as quickly as possible.

Today is the day!

First of all, don’t ever be ashamed of your body.

Second of all, it shouldn’t be about how much you weigh.

Third, it should be about the belly because science has shown that we live as long as our waists are small, and we all should want to live a long, high-quality life.

Fourth of all, you don’t want to have to take this pill and that pill as you get older; the more belly fat you have, the more pills you'll have to take.

All the chronic diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s, the diseases that will most likely end us, are all associated with how much belly fat we have.

Our belly fat is a representation of how chronically inflamed we are.

After forty-four years of practicing Health Optimization, I have developed a simple four-strand model called The HOPE Protocol to make us all awesome as we age. The four strands of HOPE are:

  • H-Hormone Optimization
  • O-Organic Sustenance
  • P-Purification Protocols
  • E-Enlightenment Coaching

In this weekly newsletter, I teach you the tools we use to be Pause Awesome.

In today's newsletter, I will teach you the next tool we use within the Enlightenment Coaching Strand.


One of the problems I see with my clients, and remember, I have had tens of thousands of patients/clients, is that they set monstrous goals.

Think about how difficult losing 20/40/60 pounds would be. What about 30/60/90 pounds?

When you consider the total weight you need to lose, the obstacle in front of you resembles Mount Everest.

When climbing Mount Everest, climbers consider steps one, two, three, and so on.

“If you are interested in climbing Mount Everest, you will also need up to three months to make the journey. It takes 19 days round trip to trek to and from Everest Base Camp. Once at Everest Base Camp, it then takes an average of 40 days to climb to the peak of Mt. Everest.”

The Explorer’s Passage

It takes approximately fifty days to climb to the peak, and you still need to descend from the peak.


Here is a little refresher on my Dream Reality Protocol.

When it comes to losing excess weight, we choose our healthy, happy, ideal, bottom weight as our summit goal, for example, 135 pounds.

Have = 135 pounds

Once you know what you want to Have, you need to make your Be a part of how you define yourself.

If you want to achieve your goal of 135 pounds, you must define yourself as someone who weighs 135 pounds.

Be - I am a Mesomorph

Your Be must define you as if you were that person today.

So, who are you?

“I am a mesomorph that weighs 135 pounds.”

So your Be is on this side of the canyon, and your Have is on the other.

You must now build the bridge to connect your Be with your Have.

The bridge is the Do.

Once you are paused, the Do, your plan, is to eat Meso-Meals that do not spike your blood sugar. The Meso-Menu is the only menu we have found that works to lose a paused person's excess weight.

“I am a mesomorph who eats Meso-Meals and weighs 135 pounds.”

Now, this is where the important stuff comes into play.

Can you remember what fuels your Do across the Do bridge from an earlier newsletter?

It is the emotion you experience when you are a “mesomorph who eats Meso-Meals and weighs 135 pounds.”

LOVE is The emotion you will experience when you create the person you desire to be.

The fuel that governs our to Be, Do, and Have is Love.

The love you have for yourself, your inner circle, your outer circle, and God is what drives you from Be to Have.

The next step is to avoid looking clear across to the other side of the canyon. The climbers of Mount Everest are only looking to get to their next camp.

“The next step to achieving your Dream Reality is to break your summit goal of achieving your happy/healthy/ideal/bottom weight into increments.”


We eat the Lose The Bloat Menu for the first three days of our weight optimization program. You must lose your bloat before you can go into a fat-burning state.

During the Lose The Bloat Program, you will lose primarily retained water. The amount of retained water you lose represents how inflamed you are.

The average weight loss in the first three days is approximately five pounds. I have had numerous clients lose ten.

When you lose significant amounts of retained water, this indicates how unhealthy you are.

A person who loses ten pounds of retained water in the first three days of the program tells us that he or she was "a heart attack waiting to happen."

After the bloat has been removed, you will enter a fat-burning state. For the first month or so of the program, you will lose three to four pounds per week while in a fat-burning state.

“As you lose weight, you must adjust your weekly goals. I call this the theory of relativity goal setting system.”

As you lose more and more weight, you will have less and less weight to lose.

Here is an excellent example of our goal-setting system

First Three Days - 5 pounds

Next four Days - 5 pounds

Week Two through Week Six - 3 to 4 pounds per week.

Week Six to Week Ten - 2 to 3 pounds per week.

Week 10 to Week 14 -1-2 pounds per week.

10 + 12 + 8 + 4 = 34 pounds lost in fourteen weeks.


  • Have (Summit Goal)
  • Be (How you define yourself)
  • Do (The Plan)
  • Love (The emotion that drives you across the Do Bridge)
  • Incremental Goals (Break your summit goal into achievable goals)


I only accept new clients through referrals from current and past clients, and my roster is nearly always full.


Each week, I coach two readers of this newsletter FOR FREE!

I coach you for a week so you can see how easily and quickly you can lose weight and feel great while being paused. You can take it from there once you have been coached and trained.

We will begin the free week of coaching with a QuickStart Consult and end with a What To Do Next Consult.

The Features of our FREE-WEEK program include:

  • Accountability (Daily Text Coaching by me)
  • Customization (24/7 Problem-Solving Access to me)
  • Knowledge (The Tame Estrogen Dominance Course)
  • Motivation (Two Motivating Phone Calls)

The Benefit

  • Lose a bunch of weight and feel hormonally better in one week.
  • Know what to do to reach your weight goals.
  • Know that your goals can be achieved.


Don't hesitate; I only have room for two of you!​​


Vicky and I enjoyed her birthday weekend wine tasting in Amador County, California. It was perfect weather, 72 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky, and yes, we became members of another winery.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

🍷 Doc

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