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Menopause And Your Liver

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And in the Beginning…

I began my first wellness practice immediately after graduating in 1980. I practiced under a doctor with fifty years of experience.

I was a sponge.

He taught me that Wholestic Practice was bunk. He explained that the body was a puzzle, and each piece differed entirely from the next.

He taught me that each puzzle piece was an organ or organ system. We had to purify each one because each organ, though connected to all the other organs, had to be purified and optimized using different tools. For example, how we purify and optimize a heart is much different than how we would a kidney.

“To optimize health, we purify and optimize one organ at a time.”

The good news is that as we purify one organ, we move the other organs closer to purity. Once we reach the next organ, we may only need one or two tools to optimize it.

The liver is the first organ we purify to optimize health. It makes the most common sense because the liver is the filter for the body. Its job is to filter, burn, and flush the toxins’ ashes from your body.

“The purer your body is, the healthier you will be.”

Think of your body as a house. If you walk into a hoarder’s home, it’s discombobulated. The same is true of the body. The more impure it is, the more filled it is with toxins the unhealthier it is.

Besides having a cleaner, healthier body, there’s another reason I begin with the liver.

“An optimally functioning liver accelerates hormone and weight optimization, and we all want to Have our desired bodies as fast as possible.”

After forty, fifty, or sixty years of abuse, your liver gets pretty beat up. Can you imagine all the toxins our livers must clear from our bodies within one's lifetime?

Most of today’s toxins are foreign to our genetics because of the horrendous amount of human-made products (pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones, medication, antibiotics, etc.) being introduced into our environment nearly daily.

“Our livers were never meant to filter the environmental toxins polluting today’s world.”

Thank God, She knew we would screw up our livers. Our liver is the only organ in our body that can regenerate.


The liver filters out the toxins, burns these toxins, and flushes out the leftover ashes.

Besides purifying the body, the liver also manages:

  • Fat-burning
  • Hormone Activation
  • Hormone Metabolism

Along with another five hundred processes.

The first phase of HOPE is about looking and feeling great in our “Third Actof life.

Optimizing your hormones and weight will be arduous and prolonged if your liver is not functioning optimally. So, how can we purify the liver and allow it to regenerate itself? We have to de-fat it!

“Studies have shown that with a relatively small amount of weight loss, the liver is able to repair itself and regenerate healthy cells.”

Yale Medical


“...if your liver isn't able to complete its tasks due to too many accumulated toxins, you'll suffer from symptoms of hormonal imbalance. This important — but little-known — connection between your liver and your hormones can lead to one of the most frustrating symptoms of hormonal imbalance: stubborn weight gain.”

Woman’s Health Network


“The fat and toxins build up in the liver leading to slow metabolism of the body. Due to which fat also starts depositing in other parts of the body causing weight gain.”

Dr. Neerav Goyal, Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon


Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) can also affect your sleep.

“Sleep disturbance is a common feature of chronic liver disease (CLD) with impact on health-related quality of life; 60–80% of patients with CLD report subjective poor sleep; frequent presentations of sleep disturbance include insomnia, reduced sleep efficiency, increased sleep latency, reduced time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, restless leg syndrome and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).”

Journal of Thoracic Disease


I talk to dozens of paused women and men every week. Nearly all of them complain about stinkin’ thinkin’, increased worry, and elevated anxiety. I call this hormonal-induced anxiety.

Others complain about having “bad days” where they feel low and emotional. Some tell me they cry for the slightest reason, and others cry for no reason. I call this hormonally induced depression.

Don’t confuse hormonal-induced depression with clinical depression. Clinical depression is daily and unrelenting. Hormonal-induced depression is occasional and relenting.

“…liver disease can be a direct cause of mental health symptoms because a compromised liver cannot prevent toxins in the blood from reaching the brain. These unwelcome invaders then proceed to wreak havoc on a range of critical brain functions. Concentration, memory, mood stability, and the ability to tolerate and respond to stress are just a few of the potential mental capacities that can be impaired when toxins begin accumulating in the brain. Sadly, fatty liver disease remains a silent epidemic in the U.S., with most people unaware of the signs, symptoms, or causes.”

Psychology Today

“Depression and anxiety are 3 times more common in people who have liver disease. We don't know why, but it could be because people with liver disease often feel very tired, or they may not be able to work or socialize as they used to.”

Liver Foundation


“Sexual dysfunction (SD) is a prevalent but very commonly ignored aspect in the treatment of liver diseases.”

National Library of Medicine


“...individuals with cirrhosis were more likely to have weak functional social relationships (low social support or loneliness) and to live alone…”

National Library of Medicine

A healthy liver encompasses all three aspects of health: physical, mental, and social.

I have dedicated an entire strand during the first phase of HOPE to liver optimization. In this strand, we will discuss what we need to do to avoid liver disease and what we should incorporate to heal the damage we have done to optimize our livers and health.

These are the tools we will use to optimize our livers.

  • How to use ACV to Flush the toxic ashes from the liver.
  • How to drink Alcohol and how not to drink alcohol.
  • The importance of drinking clean water and how much.
  • The use of lemon juice to cleanse the liver.


The symptoms of the first phase of being paused are:

  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss Resistance
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate
  • Loss of Motivation to be Social
"The symptoms of Estrogen dominance are the same symptoms of having a fatty liver."

While I was in clinical practice, nearly every menopausal overweight woman we tested had fatty livers.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that de-fats a liver. The FDA has never approved any medicines to treat Fatty Liver Disease.

"The most effective treatment for improving fatty liver disease is losing body fat, particularly belly fat."

According to science, fatty livers are caused by the same culprits that cause weight gain in the paused state.

  • Sugar
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Alcohol

However, there is another culprit.

  • Acetaminophen

The Mac Liver Detox has three objectives.

  1. Lessen the consumption of toxic substances that may overburden and harm the liver.
  2. Flush the liver of toxic buildup, especially liver fat.
  3. Heal the damage that has been done to the liver.

Why optimize the liver?

  • You will hit fewer plateaus on your weight loss journey
  • Your metabolism will increase
  • Your energy levels will increase
  • Your quality of life will increase
  • You'll live longer
  • You'll lose weight more quickly
  • Your hormones will balance in less time
  • You will Be Healthy!

I first started putting my patients through liver detoxes back in 1980. Recently, I ran across one of the handouts I gave to my patients forty-four years ago; boy, have we come a long way.

In those days, I used to have my patients wring their livers with an intense detox system of lemon water and olive oil. Yup, I had them drink olive oil.

As time passed, my patients started having adverse reactions to my liver detox. The reason was that their livers had become more and more toxic. This wasn't good because many would quit the program instead of optimizing their health.

Today, we have found that it is best to detox the liver gently. We begin with mild detoxifiers and slowly increase their strength until the liver functions at a much higher level.

By doing our liver detox simultaneously with HOPE's hormone and organic strands, you will considerably shorten the time necessary to achieve optimal hormones and weight.

Go through each step of our liver detox, and you will not only discover your bottom weight more quickly, but it may also be the tool that assures you of attending your grandchildren's weddings.

When detoxing your liver, you must take your time and do each step in the correct order. We have placed our liver detox in a weekly step-by-step course. There is no need to purchase supplements because we have learned that God-made natural tools are the best liver detoxifiers.

One Final Note

In recent years, science has become aware that fatty liver disease has become an epidemic. The latest research shows that fatty liver disease may primarily cause our body's hormone chaos.

"Hormone resistance means the hormones cannot communicate their messages to our cells."

For example, insulin resistance, the primary cause of Diabetes Type II, is defined as the inability of insulin to do its job.

Insulin's job is to open the entrance doors to our cells so glucose can flow freely into the cell, cleaning toxic high blood sugar levels from our blood.

Insulin resistance is when insulin cannot open these entrance doors.

As blood sugar increases, the pancreas panics and releases more insulin, making us even more resistant to it. Thus, we end up with high blood sugar and insulin levels. Eventually, you develop diabetes.

Researchers have discovered that having a fatty liver directly correlates to insulin resistance and Type II Diabetes.

But now, they think that fatty liver disease may be the cause of several different hormone-resistant conditions.

Evidence shows that fatty livers cause resistance to the thyroid hormone, causing low energy and metabolism.

Other evidence shows that fatty livers cause resistance to the leptin hormone, causing us to be hungry all the time.

"To optimize health, you must optimize liver function."

And remember,


"We are nothing more than reflections of our hormones."


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Don't hesitate; I only have room for two of you!​​


Vicky and I went to a concert Saturday night and took some us-ies for the newsletter. When we got home, we discovered that Vicky's phone was still at the venue, so here is a throwback of us fourteen years ago in Santa Barbara. Do you know what's cool? Because of my hormone work on myself, I no longer need glasses.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

❤️ Doc

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